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My Life in the Band. by Matt Austin
Matt Austin

Currently principal trumpet with Stratford Concert Band, I’ve come a long way since joining the band back in 1995. The band was known as SAWBA back then (Stratford upon Avon Wind Band Association) but the atmosphere and style of the band has remained much the same. As my first real wind band, I found that the weekly rehearsals and regular concerts did more to improve my playing than practicing alone ever could, and the sound of the band as we sailed through pieces such as the Liberty Bell, Jungle Book and classics such as Scarborough Fair made it so rewarding that I found myself really pushing to make sure my part was right.

With the exception of 4 years whilst at University and working in another part of the country, I have been very proud to play in my local wind band and hope that it will continue to flourish over the coming years. Personally I think being involved with something like this is an excellent way to build your confidence, and for children especially is a positive influence that will stand them in good stead later in life.

Over the years we’ve played at venues across Warwickshire with two formal concerts a year and a multitude of other events during the summer from village fetes in the South of the County to Concerts in the grounds of parks and formal gardens in Leamington and Coventry.

The general style of the band is quite informal and regular band socials make sure that everyone gets to know more than just the person sitting next to them. However, amidst all of this we manage to produce some really good music and have fun doing it.

Although these are just the thoughts of a trumpet player, I am sure that anyone else in the band would offer the same views and if you want to find out more, please contact us.